Qbist Textures

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Saved Qbists

Preset Qbists

Some presets have been recovered from save files of my old Macintosh implementation of the Qbist algorithm. Some presets were added while writing and testing this web app.


Qbist Export

Export by pixels to or

Renders the current Qbist to an image file for download. Uses an off-screen canvas and the toDataURL method, which may or may not work for your browser.

Export Qbist parameters for use in the

The generated file can be loaded into the GIMP's Qbist plugin.

Copy parameters for or to the clipboard.

You may paste the copied parameters to any document, such as an email to your friends, or a backup to yourself. The parameters can be imported again by pasting them into the Import dialog.


Qbist Import

In the text field, paste the parameters for one or several Qbists.

Validation message

to saved Qbists or saved Qbists.

The pasted text must conform to what is produced by the Export functionality. This may be the parameter object for a single Qbist or an array of such objects. Be careful with Replace: previously saved Qbists will be gone! Hint: to delete all saved Qbists, replace with [], the empty array.